Session 1A

Getting Value Out of Value Engineering: Combining Technology and Expertise to Reduce Cost NOT Scope

Presenter(s):  Dillon Brady, Cypress Fairbanks ISD, Eric Smith, AIA, PBK Architects, Inc. & Eric Blankenship and Robert Pleasants, Satterfield and Pontikes Construction, Inc.

Session Details:

Approved as part of the 2007 bond program, the new high school had a budget of $120 million, and the project came in $20 million over budget. With no time to redesign the school and only 10 days until the scheduled board approval, the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District worked with Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc. to bring the price down without sacrificing key design features.


The project team used technology to reinvent traditional value engineering practices that would normally take weeks, and create both pricing and scope challenges. The team, which included the school district, architect, and subcontractors collaborated using Building Information Modeling to find solutions in the model and evaluated over 150 potential options, totaling more than $13 million in potential savings.

Session 1B

The Connected Jobsite


Presenter(s): Todd Wynne and Joe Williams, Rogers-O’Brien Construction

Session Details: The "Internet of Things" has infiltrated our personal lives significantly over the last few years. From summoning a vehicle with a phone to controlling a thermostat with machine learning, we are more connected than ever before. How is new technology being applied to a construction jobsite? This session will showcase how superintendents can orchestrate their jobsite all from a mobile tablet.

Key Takeaways:

1) Introduction to the integration of map-based project information and visualization.

2) Understanding the power of having all of your design information in geolocated map layers.

3) Observe a leaner and more efficient process to manage a project.

4) Familiarize with various geolocated applications and hardware integrations.

5) Identify the insights of the future connected jobsite that will soon be available.

Session 1C

Collaborating in a BIM World with a Common Denominator

Presenter(s): Lilian Magallanes, Bluebeam, Inc.

Session Details: Sometimes the “common data environment” seems like a promise of the future: a platform that all project teams can use to easily exchange information. In reality, the best way to get on the same page is the digital format that puts us all on the same page: the Portable Document Format. This session will focus on how to leverage PDFs so that design and construction professionals can increase their efficiency and boost accuracy. PDFs can be imbedded with metadata, hyperlinks, bookmarks, file attachments, images and even 3D model information. Attendees in this presentation will learn how to leverage the power of PDF to share both CAD and BIM project data by creating and redlining 2D and 3D PDFs, and how all project team members— including consultants, engineers, contractors and clients—can contribute to the conversation while preserving ever-increasing amounts of information.

CM-BIM CE Credits - AGC of America recognizes this program as qualifying for continuing education hours towards the renewal of AGC's Certificate of Management - Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM). Attendees may earn 1.5 CE credits by attending and self-reporting online here: CM-BIM renewal form.

Session 2B

New Technology; New Liabilities


Presenter(s): Curt Martin, Peckar & Abramson, PC

Session Details: Due to ongoing changes in construction technology, contractors, specialty contractors and owners/developers face new risks and liability for data losses in connection with their construction contracts.  This session will explore the new data protection clauses, some of the risks associated with them, and provide guidance on how to protect yourself and your company.


 A Sub, Supplier and GC Walk Onto A Job…

Presenter(s): Adele Tiblier, zlien and David Kalinec, Jr.,  Cato Industrial, Group, LLC

Session Details: If technology is helping to increase collaboration in the commercial construction industry, why is Days Sales Outstanding on the rise at every level of the payment chain, jockeying to shift financial risk? Learn how increased visibility and transparency can decrease risk while multiplying timely payments for all project stakeholders. This session will showcase how the application of a collaboration-mindset applied to the payment funnel helps companies benefit from greater and faster payments.

Session 2C

Smart, Integrated Buildings and How They Create a Sustainable Construction Process

Presenter(s): Gary Dennis and Duncan Bennett, Honeywell Building Solutions and Brian Veazey, HMA Consulting

Session Details:  While the "Internet of Things" is helping to create and manage intelligent buildings, this shift in the market also imposes a need to incorporate more communication between devices and programs integrated during the construction process. Is it possible to remove the cumbersomeness of the systems integration during design and construction? Learn how incorporating an integrated building contractor and technology provider can simplify the construction process and facilitate a more seamless product for the end users.

Session 3B

Statue 3-D Laser Scanning: Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs


Presenter(s): Ray Drexler, PE, Walter P Moore and Ryan Shults, Gilbane Building Company

Session Details: How do you determine the weight of a large and heavy object in order to relocate it? Gilbane Building Company and Walter P Moore will demonstrate how they used accurate 3-D laser scanning, careful engineering and research to determine the weight of a 35-foot tall statue so that it could be relocated.

Expanding Technology to the Construction Site


Presenter(s): David Schultz, Bhavna Nim and Michael Listi, Anslow Bryant Construction, Ltd.

Session Details: Anslow Bryant Construction, Ltd. will demonstrate how it has adopted technology to streamline coordination between project teams through the use of a BIM Computer Aided Virtual Environment to enhance collaboration amongst trade partners versus traditional coordination meetings. The use of mobile technology during construction has helped to enhance collaboration among trade partners and support a seamless transition of information to field operations.

Session 3C

Leveraging New Automation in Workforce Labor Analytics to Mitigate Construction Disputes and Resolve Claims

Presenter(s): I.D. Walker and Melanie Laird, FC Construction Services, Rome Overmyer, Barton Malow Company, David Gross, Swire Properties, Scott Bellamy, Wells Fargo Risk Services, and Chris Diaz, Balfour Beatty Construction


Session Details: Project labor costs are estimated to represent 40 to 50 percent of the total construction cost, and the manual collection of labor data is suspect at best. Learn about new automated solutions that can be used to provide an accurate representation of complete project labor analytics in real-time platforms by leveraging RF technology to collect and compile data. One of the many takeaways will include how these automated solutions provide insights into the source and scope of labor issues and add operational value to the project management team.

Session 2A

Lean Company Culture  


Presenter(s): Allston Marble and Sean Sachtleben and David Noonan, Linbeck Group, LLC

Session Details: This presentation will focus on incorporating a Lean culture into the construction management process and pinpoint how technology can be integrated into the workflow. Among the numerous take-aways, attendees will discover how to identify the value stream for each project without interruptions, identify successes of technology integration, combat waste and identify pitfalls, improve work flow and generate value. This session is a must for construction team leaders who rely on high performing teams and want to integrate Lean practices and improvement tools to deliver value in project methods.

CM-Lean CE Credit - AGC of America recognizes this program as qualifying for continuing education hours towards the renewal of AGC's Certificate of Management - Lean Construction (CM-Lean). Attendees may earn 1 CE credit by attending and self-reporting online here: CM-Lean renewal form.

Session 3A

The Technology Advantage: Transform Your Business by Focusing on Construction Productivity Software

Presenter(s): Drew Moncada, PlanGrid, Anthony Walton, Tellepsen and 

Morgan Fountain, TDIndustries, Inc.


Session Details: Productivity has declined in the construction industry by more than 9 percent over the last 50 years. Only recently has technology and process started to provide the tools to combat this problematic trend. In this session, PlanGrid, Tellepsen and TDIndustries, Inc. will discuss how to assess and overcome your project and company’s productivity challenges, improve project margins and facilitate an on-time delivery.

Digital Transformation: Small Improvements for Big Efficiencies

Presenter(s): Kendall Pouland,Tellepsen and Daniel Lara, Building Concrete Solutions

Session Details:  Learn how automation and efficiency can move your company from a paper-based world to one that is digital and mobile. The session will feature examples such as the implementation of mobile timesheets, cloud-based document storage, on-boarding automation, digital plans, digital invoice approval, resource scheduling, collaborative constructibility reviews, mobile quality control inspections, mobile safety investigations and observation collection, digital signatures, job trailer document dashboard, and much more.


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